About Media, PA

As Councilman, Eric represented the Borough of Media, PA, a suburb outside of Philadelphia. Here are a few highlights of the town. For more detailed information about the Media Borough community, please visit: mediaborough.com

Dedication of the Electric Charging Station in Media, PA

  • Summary: Council members worked with Media Borough to increase and set up the infrastructure for the evolution to electric vehicles.Electric car owners can charge at the station for an hourly fee. Hooked up to the “Level II” charging station, most current electric vehicles could top off their batteries from half full in about four hours (mediaborough.com).
  • Link: http://www.mediaborough.com/community/electric-vehicle-charging-station-media

Media Environmental Advisory Council

  • Summary: The Environmental Advisory Council shall advise Media Borough Council and the Borough of Media’s Committees, and educate the citizens of the Borough of Media, on matters that affect the quality of the environment in the borough, including those relating to the protection, conservation, management, promotion, and use of natural resources, including air, land and water resources located within the Borough (mediaborough.com).
  • Link: http://www.mediaborough.com/boardsandcommissions/environmental-advisory-council-eac

Media Borough Web Site Wins Award

Third Street Bridge Agreement, Media, PA

Sale of 1 West State Street

Jazz by Night

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