Dr.Stein’s books and his methodology (“The IDEAS Method”) offer a means of transformation for individuals, team leaders and executives in charge of organizations.

“‘The Ideas Method’ charts a path for recognizing, developing and harvesting the creative potential of people and organizations. It is an approach that is built on a career of academic research into the performance of creative, high-performing teams as well as Dr. Stein’s life-long interest in physics and the philosophy of science. Even more, Dr. Stein taps into his own experience as a jazz musician to unlock the mysteries of improvisation and the power of improvisation to lead us in new directions.

These books will be of great value to anyone interested in discovering new ways to think about their own creative potential. It provides organizations with a foundation for breaking away from outdated structures and strategies to move on to new initiatives for achieving shared objectives. It also provides those in the academic community with a comprehensive overview of the latest thinking on the subject of creativity and innovation and, in doing so, provides an excellent textbook for students and a roadmap for future research.”

-Daniel Green, Merchandise Manager, The Neiman Marcus Group

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